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FBAR Foreign Bank Account Reporting
The IRS is assessing huge penalties for undisclosed foreign bank accounts,
assets & income.
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Abusive Offshore Tax Avoidance Schemes

Q. I keep hearing about "Foreign Trusts". Is that what this is about?

A. Yes and no. Initially, the need for enhanced "offshore" compliance efforts was determined as a result of
noncompliance observed in numerous trusts. Trusts lend themselves to being the type of entity through which
income and assets are more easily hidden or disguised. Because they are flow-through entities, the facts
behind true ownership of income or assets may be difficult to establish. Secrecy laws found in most tax havens
only compound this difficulty. Many different foreign entities and schemes are being promoted and used by U.
S. taxpayers to evade tax.

The list includes the use of:
•        Foreign trusts
•        Foreign corporations
•        Foreign (Offshore) partnerships, LLCs and LLPs
•        International Business Companies
•        Offshore private annuities
•        Offshore private banks
•        Personal investment companies
•        Captive insurance companies
•        Offshore bank accounts and credit cards
•        Related party loans

It is important to note that the list is not all-inclusive. Promoters of such schemes always appear to be
"improving" the products and services that they market.
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